This is to certify that the website http://www.virtualquincy.com was awarded the IAFT Best Site Award on the 3rd of February 2001.


This site was evaluated by IAFT members, and was officially awarded by Rian Visser founding member of the International Anti-Fraud Team.


We certify that:


The following judging criteria were met during our evaluation:


Speed and ease of use

www.virtualquincy.com is a very easy site to use. It consist of a front page from where visitors can link to the required informational pages. 

The site also has a very quick download time. There is no need to wait minutes before a page is opened.



The design is relevant to the services on offer on the site. Information is easily accessible and visible throughout the site. 


Quality of content

This site is aimed at offering information and links to other pages in Quincy, Illinois. The content on the site is relevant to the services on offer on the site. The information on this site is of high quality and recommended to any person who might need to find any information on Quincy, Illinois before visiting the State.



www.virtualquincy.com has a chat room where visitors may chat. The site also consist of an e-ail address for the webmaster to where all inquiries can be sent. 


Advertising material

There is no unnecessary advertising material, pop-up menus or any other unnecessary links on this site making it a pleasure to browse through. The site does however link to other sites offering services relevant to the content of Virtual Quincy.


Layout of the site

The site layout is plain forward and easy to use and easy to obtain information



The site’s navigation is brilliant. There are no links taking visitors to unneeded pages. Visitors are taken directly to the needed information. Throughout the site visitors know where they are and where they are going.




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This site is an IAFT nomination and we support this site in it's services.


This certificate was issued on the 3rd  of February 2001.




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