Hear Who's Calling While You're On-Line!


Call Wave

CallWave: Hear who's calling while you're online! Avoid the cost of an extra phone line. It's FREE! It downloads in less than a minute. It's EASY!

Thinking about adding a dedicated telephone line for your computer so you won't miss important phone calls? Think again! Now, you can surf the Internet on your single phone line without worrying about missing important calls. That's because the FREE Internet Answering Machine makes it possible to hear who's calling while you are surfing the Web, chatting on America-On-Line, or bidding on eBay!

The Internet Answering Machine works with the Busy Call Forwarding feature of your phone line to answer calls while you are on-line. Once activated, callers no longer get annoying busy signals when you are online. Instead, callers will hear a brief CallWave greeting after which they can leave a short message at the tone--that you will be able to hear instantly! Best of all, it takes less than five minutes to install and set up the FREE Internet Answering Machine software.

Download Call Wave Today!

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