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Everyone loves to receive free stuff by mail. In the past you had to subscribe to Freebie magazines or newsletters to be delivered to your mail box. But with the beginning of the Internet, there are hundreds if not thousands of websites that offer free (or nearly free) stuff. You could literally spend hours applying for freebies!

One of the pitfalls of applying for free stuff via the Internet, you have to give something up, such as your email address and other personal information. This can result in receiving unwanted email messages. Many places will sell your email address to a third party, which will result in a lot of unwanted mail.

What to do? When I apply for free stuff, I do not use my everyday ISP email address. I use several Internet based email addresses which keeps my mail reader free of unwanted email solicitations. If you need a web based email address, there are many to choose from. I strongly recommend that you get one when applying for freebies!

Thank you for visiting our Free Stuff Directory. We will be adding new freebies every week. Last updated on September 19, 2000. So bookmark our site and return often. Thanks!

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