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Plantar Fasciitis


The plantar fascia is a long band of fibrous tissue on the bottom of the foot that extends from the heel to the bases of the toes. It supports the joints, bones, and muscles under the foot during midstep and creates a rigid lever for push-off. It also maintains the longitudinal arch of the foot.

Plantar fasciitis (PF) is considered a chronic inflammatory syndrome rather than a post-traumatic disorder and is common in runners and dancers who use a repetitive, maximal plantar flexion of the ankle or dorsiflexion of the MTP joints. It is cause by repetitive stretching of a tight plantar fascial band leading to microtears at its origin on the heel.

Dull pain on the bottom of the heel, worst with the first steps of the morning, is the hallmark. The pain usually subsides after 30-45 minutes of activity.

Pain also occurs with the onset activity such as walking or running and may decrease as activity progresses but usually returns after resting and then resuming activity. In severe cases, pain may occur with any weight bearing. While pain usually occurs in the heel, it can radiate throughout the bottom of the foot towards the toes.

If treatment begins early, most cases resolve in 6 weeks, however, PF can be a chronic and frustrating problems that resists treatment efforts. Surgical release of the plantar fascia and removal of the bone spur may be considered if symptoms persist longer than 6-12 months.

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