HEALTH SERVICES is a leading online drugstore: a retail store and information site for health, beauty, wellness, personal care, and pharmacy products. We designed to provide a convenient, private, and informative shopping experience that encourages consumers to buy products essential to healthy everyday living. Since opening for business in February 1999, we have made sales to more than 695,000 customers. offers thousands of brand-name products, a larger selection of products than a typical store-based retailer, at competitive prices. Our customers can review in-depth product information, interact with customer service representatives by phone or e-mail, and order products for delivery right to the home. We are open to shoppers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also offer a licensed pharmacy, a wealth of health-related information, buying guides and other tools designed to make it easier for our customers to regularly purchase their preferred products. We believe that provides its customers with a superior shopping experience, making buying What Every Body Needs™ less of a chore. At, you can try any of eyeglasses or sunglasses on your own face! Browse the huge selection of famous brand collections. Or, use the 20/20 Search to browse only the style and type of eyeglasses or sunglasses you prefer. When you have found a pair, eTry It On™! Click on the eTry It On™ icon under the picture, and they will instantly appear on your face. strives to be the authority of nutritional supplements for today's women. To provide the best quality and most effective products for women. We strive to be on the cutting edge on the HealthFactor line of products we feature as well as all other name brands.

Home Care Delivered is a medical supply company that specializes in delivering the highest quality home medical products directly to your doorstep. Our mission is simple, to be the nation's premier supplier of medical products in the home care market. Shop at your convenience, if you are searching for that hard to find medical product, call or email us and we will find it for you! We look forward to getting to know you!

Lens Express is America's #1 source for vision care. Lens Express, Inc., is a leading direct marketer of replacement contact lenses, eye care solutions and designer sunglasses. In addition, we are a national provider of vision care services through a nationwide doctor network. The public knows Lens Express through a very successful marketing campaign featuring Ms. Lynda Carter, (America's Wonder Woman), who is our national spokesperson. is the largest provider of medical literature reports in North America. We are experts at quickly uncovering just the right medical information especially for complex cases. Every MediFocus(TM) Guide is thorough, on-point, and of the highest quality. You may also order full text copies of required articles, subject to their availability.

Spa Wish!: The best source for finding salons and spas on the Internet. To provide an Easy & Affordable way for people to give a pampering spa gift certificate that will delight friends, family & business associates - across the U.S. Until came along, giving spa gift certificates was a very difficult task --- especially long-distance. It required numerous telephone calls, an abundance of time, confusing service decisions, and often driving to a day spa. And even after all that time and effort, gift buyers worried that the recipient might not prefer this particular location, for these particular services.

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