PETS's mission is to build a community made of people who share this same passion for animals. We will provide our community members with all the information necessary to make educated decisions and good choices, for humans and animals. From the most basic decision of whether to own a pet, whether to buy or adopt, what type of animal is best suited to a particular lifestyle, to issues around care, training, health and nutrition, at we are dedicated to giving you the best information available. We work with vets, breeders, groomers, and other experts to develop our content and give you the best facts, news, guidance and advice available anywhere, offline or online.

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Your Active Pet: Adventure gear for your pet! will provide a one-stop-shop for quality outdoor adventure gear for your active pet. Offers products for the active dog such that your pet will have the quality gear that he or she needs to join you on your next outdoor adventure whether it be an afternoon walk in the park or a week long wilderness backpacking trip. Look for backpacks, boots, hands-free running leashes, bike leashes, reflective and lighted collars, bed rolls and other great products to make your dog comfortable and safe during your adventures.

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